Sister Site?

Well this is weird...

While sifting through the usual internet dross we found this site: That Girl's site

It seems this site is newer than ours, so she is blatantly ripping us off...

And to top things off she has some friend called "Punzie"...


I know what you are all thinking, "That is a little too close to Cunzy". True story though.

Watch it Thatgirls! we've got our eyes on you

Luv n' hugs



  1. So some contenders to the throne huh? Battle stations I say.

  2. Mnh, they are girls... but i doubt they are maniacs...

  3. Anonymous10:29

    If they're hot they win. Thems the rules.

    Sir Belly Savalas

  4. Anonymous13:16

    Seeing as this is the first time that I have ever seen your site I would see the similar names as a coincidence and not a 'blatant rip-off'.

    Also it's that girl's site not girls so its just the one girl (me) =)

  5. That is exactly what I would say if I was blatantly ripping someone off.

  6. Anonymous14:02

    I could tell you exactly how I came to the name 'That Girl' but I'm sure that I could have said anything and that would still have been your response.

    Me:I like pancakes!

    That is exactly what I would say if I was blatantly ripping someone off.

    I'm not trying to battle fellow Resident Evil fans and there isn't much else that I could say that it's a coincidence.

  7. Woah! She was almost a That girl sandwich....


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