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Wayne's World SNES

Wayne's World for the SNES is probably the worst game I have ever played. It is the fucking epitome of the senseless unnecessary movie cash-in games that gave movie tie-in games the awful reputation and stigma they endured for so many years. Countless swathes of 90's blockbusters which were quickly ported into generic shit-platformers* and this one just sticks out in my mind as one of the worst. A melange of lo-fi sound clips straight from the show/movie and even worse 16-bit pixel images. It offers sickeningly predictable sound effects, repeatedly using a crackly "excellent" ad nauseam, interspersed with "Schwing", and the occasional "Not Worthy" chant. The game has no story, it isn't even sure if it is the move tie-in or the TV show tie in. The 1st level above seems to depict the store where Wayne finds the guitar he wants (oh yes, she will be mine) attempts to play it and is "denied" to play Stairway to Heaven. Except

New Game Crush

Forget floppy-titted snipers , drunken Northern lassies or monster-uddered purple-haired psycopaths  there's a new girl in town that everyone is talking about. Of course, I'm talking about 2015's Resident Evil Revelations 2 's Gina Foley. Isn't she lovely. Isn't she wonderful? Unfortunately, Gina, who MAY OR MAY NOT be pig-faced, wetsuit-busting Rachel Foley's sister/cousin , SPOILERS FOR A  FOUR YEAR OLD GAME dies in the first minutes of Resident Evil Revelations 2 but that doesn't mean she can't be our game crush! Apparently Gina was a well respected member of definitely-not-another-secret-bioterrorism-front-group Terra Save working in human resources. Who knows, she may have interviewed Claire Redfield?! Or at least emailed her reminders about the procedures for calling in sick. Even though she's dead she kicks some serious ass in Raid Mode. No mean feat in heels and a work skirt. We'll always love you Gina*! Even with a bl

That Guys a Maniac The game 3: Origins

Hi guys, We would like to introduce Episode 3 of That guys the game! Origins. The first of our iconic Septilogy, TGAM The Game 3: Origins takes us back to the humble beginings of, how the winds of fate brought our intrepid heroes together! Currently hosted on here: In TGAMTGE3:O you will meet our in game alter egos Richie and Cunzy:  Richie   Cunzy You get to follow us through our plight, through a variety of locations, most of them pubs, laugh at our own jokes, and reference blog posts no one has read, and if they did it was about 10 years ago. Basically its a linear visual novel with a couple of surprises in it. Enjoy, or dont. But let me say this now, gamification of a gaming blog is 100% our meta idea and we'll sue the pants off Kotaku any other gaming when they get round to it. Love and Anime girls will rule the world, Richie X


"It's back Barry. It's ruddy back" Said Ron. Yes it's time for the 2019 Barry Burton Rank Off #BBRO where we rank Barry Burtons on a scale from Barried Up To The Hilt to I'll Be The Coat, You Be The Hook Barry . Can't find your favourite Barry on the list? It's a gross oversight from us. We should get fired. 8 . Barry is that you Barry? As seen in : Resident Evil Franchise. Description : Not all Barry are born equal. We'd rather this Barry just held us and stroked our hair. 7 .  Flesh Barry As seen in : Resident Evil Franchise. Description : The Barry that got our gussets gooey all the way back in 1996. That he's this far down in the list goes to show how Barry some of the Barrys are out there! His blood type is O. M. G. 6 .  Gai Den Barry? As seen in : Resident Evil Franchise. Description : This Barry is blocky. This Barry is bulky. We've got some ideas about that hunk o junk. We'll give you a clue- BURY IT BARRY. BU

Another year: what's next?

Wow another cycle of the globe: Another 12 months of lax posting and unenthusiastic wordsmithery. What happened to you guys? Well we could blame it on getting older not having the time to play games (RE every other blogger out there). We could blame it on the spark of venom and fire that once fuelled our passionate ramblings being quenched by our latter years "contentment". We could also blame it on our lack of motivation to keep spouting in a saturated genre, how can we even compete with the plethora of video game blogs, increasing their production values, not to mention the gaggle of youtubers (*collective noun required) vaping and shouting down their mics as they play the next generic shooter. Well whatever it may be, TGAM ain't dying any time soon. TGAM started way back in the heady mid 00's, we have been around longer than some bloggers!  and this dead horse has plenty of years of beatings left in it. So what have we got lined up for you? More "r

That Guy's Interviews: Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite

We've managed to scoop another exclusive, this time we interview Elizabeth from the upcoming game Bioshock Infinite. TG: Congratulations on getting cast to play Elizabeth in this award winning franchise. Bioshock Infinite takes the series to the skies. Was working with heights a problem for you? E: Oh god. ONE OF MY EYES IS BIGGER THAN MY MOUTH. Where is my stomach supposed to be? Of fuck, I don't have a stomach. Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit TG: Was it difficult playing a 20 year old character (Elizabeth's real age is 12)? E: I can't breathe. I can't breathe. My head is as wide as my waist. Who made me like this? Why is my neck so long? {Elizabeth begins to hyperventilate}. TG: Now that you've been cast a a female character in a PC game are you looking forward to people uploading drawings of you having sex with various people and things? Including possibly that woman from Half Life 2? E: Ppplease. Kill. Me? TG: Tell us about that awful fringe you we

Nintendo supports cheating Cockbags

As if you needed more reasons to not play your Wii, here are 2 massive ones: Ant and Dec Fig. 1. Ant and Dec are playing Mario Kart, as you can see they are also making racist Asian faces, furthering their racist stereotyping, they are likely playing badly. Fig. 2. Ant and Dec are amused that the DS has 2 screens. Fig. 3. Ant and Dec playing with the Wii balance board, I couldn't think of anything funny here... Just observe their massive shiny foreheads and perhaps pretend they are making "NEEEEOOOW" Aeroplane noises  For those of you who don't know (i.e. outside of the UK) Ant and Dec are a TV presenting duo lacking any sort of talent. They are huge corporate cash-ins who are involved in pretty much every reality show in some shape or form. There is very little spark of life left in their eyes, further likening them to a money driven automatons and I'm sure you can envision where you insert the cash. Cheating Cockba

Riche MIA Blogartist

So yeah, it has been a while since I did a bit of blogeriferousness… What have I been up to? Well mainly I have been achievement whoring on Soul Calibur IV which is going well apart from the Tower being a bitch to get through. But in a strange twist of events I went back to Guitar hero 2 and 3 on the Xbox 360, after pretty much getting sick of Rockband. I have done the “Endless setlist” twice now, once on hard and then a second time on expert, though I totally nabbed out on the second time, as the guys I was playing with were on a lower difficulty, and I had got it in my head that I would still get the expert achievement… I have flirted with singin, but I really can’t sing, I failed “Tom Sawyer” on EASY! Though my Glados interpretation was apparently spot on! Drums bug the shit out of me, I’m not willing to put in the hours of practice needed to get my leg working independently of my arms. And bass just makes be really jealous of whoever is playing the guitar part. Then couple that w

Sister Site?

Well this is weird... While sifting through the usual internet dross we found this site: That Girl's site It seems this site is newer than ours, so she is blatantly ripping us off... And to top things off she has some friend called "Punzie"... Punzie??!?! I know what you are all thinking, "That is a little too close to Cunzy". True story though. Watch it Thatgirls! we've got our eyes on you Luv n' hugs Richie

Manhunt 2: The Real Scoop. Update.

We have another update from resident thatgirler Kaiser.Tia : Yeah, there's a confusion of the different issues with the three big game stories recently - the Law and Order case was just stupid - the developers should have known better then to use real-life stuff like that (it wasn't even a funny easter egg - just a dim-witted, under-researched example of a stupid development team). The whole Manchester Cathedral story is actually quite interesting - with games technology becoming able to render real-world locations in realistic detail, are games that showcase real locations going to have to ask permission first, like the film industry? I have a lot of sympathy for the CoE in this case, because I can't imagine they'd ever give permission to a Hollywood movie to film on location, especially a movie involving soldiers, aliens and shooting. I wouldn't be surprised if the games industry has to jump through similar hoops that Hollywood does when it comes to