Nintendo supports cheating Cockbags

As if you needed more reasons to not play your Wii, here are 2 massive ones:

Ant and Dec

Fig. 1. Ant and Dec are playing Mario Kart, as you can see they are also making racist Asian faces, furthering their racist stereotyping, they are likely playing badly.

Fig. 2. Ant and Dec are amused that the DS has 2 screens.

Fig. 3. Ant and Dec playing with the Wii balance board, I couldn't think of anything funny here... Just observe their massive shiny foreheads and perhaps pretend they are making "NEEEEOOOW" Aeroplane noises 

For those of you who don't know (i.e. outside of the UK) Ant and Dec are a TV presenting duo lacking any sort of talent. They are huge corporate cash-ins who are involved in pretty much every reality show in some shape or form. There is very little spark of life left in their eyes, further likening them to a money driven automatons and I'm sure you can envision where you insert the cash.

Cheating Cockbags?

Yeah for some reason, possibly media spin, these two have been forgiven for some really shit behaviour on their TV contest shows:

    * selected competition finalists before the telephone lines were announced as closed.
    * staggered the selection of competition finalists which meant that viewers entering the competition did not have a fair and equal chance of winning.
    * selected finalists on the basis of their suitability to be on television and where they lived.
    * selected an individual already known to the production team to be placed on the shortlist of potential winners and who went on to win the competition.
    * on six occasions in the Prize Mountain competition, selected winners based on their suitability to be on screen.
    * failed to account for almost half of the competition entries.

Once a cheater always a cheater.

And despite their mass media charm, you know at the back of your head behind closed doors they are into some fucked up shit, like properly getting off on abusing people/things.

And Nintendo is in bed with them?!?!

On a lighter, prettier, better note!

Girls aloud are all doing it too, it's so cute! look at them, precious... Girls trying to play computer games*

Love and Corporate Whorism

Richie XX

*Actually I fully endorse using girls aloud to advertise, the girls are a remarkable step up from Ant and Dec and are a lot more real (but thankfully not Susan Boyle real). and despite my "Girls trying to play computer games" quip, I also have a feeling they'd kick my ass (at Rock band/Guitar hero). Let's get them doing more with the games industry!!! I'd dig that (naked).


  1. I'm glad we're now UK:Resistance from a number of years ago.

    Also, why just pick on Ant and Dec? I think Adam and Joe's contribution is significantly worse because clearly neither of them have played a console since 1996.

  2. Suggested "celebs" to front Xbox360 marketing campaign:

    A brick.
    Pete the Pirate.
    Soldja Boy.
    A footballer.
    Other morons with mass appeal to the lowest common denominator.


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