Dragonage of consent?

So am I looking forward to Dragonage?

You bet I fucking am! Its a huge expansive RPG on the 360!! (And some other platforms I think Sony's will run it. And I believe if you have a PC bought in the last 45 minutes it should run). Admittedly its a middle-earthy RPG with Orcs and Elves and whatnot, however Oblivion (the other middle-earthy RPG on the 360) has redeemed my faith that these archetypes no longer belong to Tolkien-fappers (Dwarves are just the right height to chow down on my "Garden of Elrond"*), Blizzard, and D&D mouth-breathers.

Anyway I'm gonna lube up and find my industry contacts and get this game before Friday assuming I'm not too humiliated or the welts are still open.

*Yes this is referring to lady bits, see we're not sexist we know that girls fap over obscure images too.


DragonRichie XX


  1. CJB Grim16:37

    I couldn't agree with you more DragonRichie! I won't deny that I've been accused of being a nerd many a time over the years for my love of games such as Baldur's Gate and it's sequels, Icewind Dale, Knights of the Old Republic, etc... Hell I still play Throne of Bhaal. I've been itching for a good Bioware game for years... Don't get me wrong, Mass Effect was good, but I want slutty elf girls and gory decapitations with over-sized swords more than Seth Green's smartass comments and psychic alien whores with tentacle heads..


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