GOTY 2009

Oooh ooh you have to shoot civilians! Boo hoo! It's all a bit morally challenging. SHUT UP. SHUT UP MW2 PRICKS. Nobody gives a shit anymore because we talking bout MUTHAFUCKING TOFU:

You can shove your DLC, your customisable characters, your Valve Pish, your Fallout 3 stories. It's over. End of day. Shut up shop. Time at the bar. This is it people. Nobody does games with Tofu in them like Capcom.

Review of Darkside Chronicles based on the single above screenshot: Game of the year. Game of the year. End of. Game of the century even! It's got Tofu in it. What more do you want? Tofu. Can I say anymore? No. But I will and that it muthafucking Tofu up in this muthafucking, muthafucka.


  1. CJB Grim00:31

    I'm a huge fan of all of the Resident Evil games .... well, the real ones, that don't suck... As in... RE, RE2, and... RE2. Tofu rocks. I gotta give you that one. But on-rail shooters? I can't agree with you there. I play MW2 (which isn't as amazing as most people hype it up to be, it's just MW with more camping fags that get rewarded more for being camping fags)... But there hasn't YET been a RE game that even remotely compares to RE2... Especially this on-rail bullshit. RE4 and 5 were bad enough, but this??? It ruins the whole point. Getting backed into a corner while you're trying to reload and being raped by zombies with AI on par with the super mario bros. (nes) games was the best part.. I refuse to view this as a resident evil game, any more than I consider the resident evil "movies" anything but the complete and utter bastardization of modern cinema.

  2. I'm going to drop everything I'm doing and go buy this right now.

  3. Tofu is all over this shizzle.


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