The six degrees of Dante

From Dante to Mario. Can it be done? Started off quite hard because we figured we couldn't get out of Capcomland. But here's how it is done kids.

Dante-Viewtiful Joe courtesy of Viewtiful Joe.

Viewtiful Joe-Ryu courtesy of Tatsunoko vs Capcom

Then we go Ryu to Mitsurugi courtesy of Namco X Capcom

Then we go from Mitsurugi to that Link chap via Soul Calibuuuur 2.

And finally from Link to the podgy plumber via Superu Smashu Brotheru!

Can you do it with less degrees? Do have a go. And while you are at it see if you can beat:

Mickey Mouse to Sonic the Hedgehog- 4 degrees.
Master Chief to Solid Snake- 3 degrees (cheating a bit).
Megatron to your own Mii- 2 degrees.

And if you can get those you can get practically anywhere! Anywhere worth going anyway. Characters with no degrees to anybody just aren't worth it people.


  1. Okay so since this was posted Lost Planet 2 and Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker provide some great links through MH and to our chum Albert Wesker.

    The capcom-ninty families now closely tied than ever before.


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