Keith Vaz again (groan)

Theif and MP Keith 'clueless' Vaz, having got over being ridiculed for various tedious and hyperbolic lambasting of games based on no evidence whatsoever once again gets in the Daily Mail off the back of "outrage" at a big game launch this time over Modern Warfare 2.

Read all abaaaaat it here "Outrage as new video game lets players kill civilians in terror attacks".

Bored, bored, bored. Surely Mr Vaz has more important things to be sorting out? Or maybe he could plough back all that money he skimmed from the tax payer into fixing Leicester before attacking games?
Change the tune Vaz. You're so out of your depth once again. How about instead of knee jerking every time you want a bit of press coverage, you do some proper research into the non issues you soap box? God knows the UK government is so shit at supporting the games industry, to be even more damaging when you make moronic comments is insult to injury. Do you want to drive the games industry abroad? Idiot. Find a real issue to campaign on.


  1. CJB Grim16:24

    Oh man, that's too funny. I'm not exactly a big fan of terrorism or anything (I think they're idiots... Then again maybe the U.S. should stop giving them so many reasons to hate them?) but I'm really hyped about this game. I've been playing Modern Warfare and World at War on xbox live since they came out, and this looks like it just might top them both.

    I have no idea who Keith Vaz is, but I must say... For REAL? I've played X number of games in the last five years alone where you could kill civilians. For example... Splinter Cell: Double Agent. I know you aren't SUPPOSED to kill civilians in it, but I was so busy trying to keep my cover in the terrorist organization (John Brown's Army) that I got carried away and did it anyway. A lot.

    My point being... Who fucking cares dude, really? This isn't the first game, and it won't be the last. If someone is playing this game and can't tell the difference between a game and reality they shouldn't be playing games, or even walking the streets with the general public.

    My three year old son knows the difference between "shooting bad guys" and "shooting people".

  2. All important points CJB. We're just concerned that Vaz (MP for East Leicester) doesn't have his priorities right.

    In A Dog's Life you can take a dump, pick it up and throw it at people! Where was he then?

    In Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) a woman has sex with a dead man! Thanks for protecting us then Vaz.

    Now I throw my shit at random passers by and screw dead people daily because I wasn't protected.

    Also, surely killing civilians in a war game is just a more accurate simulation of what really happens no?

  3. CJB Grim16:43

    Well, they do appear to be American troops so I guess killing civilians isn't too far off.


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