Another year: what's next?

Wow another cycle of the globe: Another 12 months of lax posting and unenthusiastic wordsmithery.

What happened to you guys? Well we could blame it on getting older not having the time to play games (RE every other blogger out there). We could blame it on the spark of venom and fire that once fuelled our passionate ramblings being quenched by our latter years "contentment". We could also blame it on our lack of motivation to keep spouting in a saturated genre, how can we even compete with the plethora of video game blogs, increasing their production values, not to mention the gaggle of youtubers (*collective noun required) vaping and shouting down their mics as they play the next generic shooter.

Well whatever it may be, TGAM ain't dying any time soon. TGAM started way back in the heady mid 00's, we have been around longer than some bloggers!  and this dead horse has plenty of years of beatings left in it.

So what have we got lined up for you?
  1. More "reviews", this year we are going to enter the world of steam curators. Expect more obscure and awkward scoring systems.
  2. Sex sells, as does Cephalopods. Due to our dulling imaginations we will do sequels to our most "successful" posts (Boobs, Nude Cheats, and Omastar, see below).
  3. Lists (meta).
  4. Dollies! Yeah, turns out Cunzy and I like to take pictures of out dollies and we may just make TGAM a platform for these pix.
  5. Instagram. Um yeah there is a TGAM instagram, it's not very good. We tried to link it to the blog, and it still wasn't very good. We might pretend we will do something about it, at some point. But likely just let it stagnate as yet another trigger enabling us cry ourselves to sleep at the same time as we contemplate our chronic self-destruction.
  6. A Pokémon post. 
  7. Guest bloggers.
  8. A reference to us as "gamer-girls".

Love and why is all your content about not having content?

Richie X


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