South Park: The Fractured but Whole

South Park is old. Like really old, it has been around for over 20 years! Despite that it is still pushing boundaries and entertaining.

We played the last one and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Its back again! Last time in Stick of Truth" the South Park kids were playing dungeons-and-dragons-esque wizards and Elves stuff. This time they are playing superheroes. So all the story/combat is based around superhero classes and powers. And it's great.

My parting thoughts on the previous South Park were "All in all, If you like South Park, just fucking play this. It's brilliant." and that still rings true with this one too! Fans of the show will get so much out of this game. Interacting with the denizens and soaking up that South Park atmosphere.

Having played the last game, one thing that struck me straight away is that the game hadn't changed. Well, not significantly, the aesthetics, walking around and the town map had not undergone a particularly spectacular overhaul. I was pretty pissed! the game had been delayed and delayed yet I found very little initially"different" I wondered if I was playing an expansion pack rather than a new game.

Thankfully though after scraping the surface there were some exhaustive changes to mechanics, and of course tons of new story!Frankly even if this game was an expansion I'd still play the shit out of it!

So whats New?


Outfits mean fuck all in this, and that is  they are entirely aesthetic you can spend ages customising with crazy (copyright infringing) superhero costumes. I'm really glad they put a dressing-up-dollies simulator in there!

Mini games!

There is a plethora of dance dance revolution type minigames throughout the game including shitting, Every toilet you find in game has a shitting minigame where you time button presses and "waggle" sticks to win.


As painstaking as it is that every game nowadays has a "selfie" option, from WoW to GTAV, I like South Park's the most! its basically an Instagram simulator, and its great fun for exploration and finding all of the characters from the series (and some inconsequentials you never heard of)

There is also a tonne of other updates to puzzles and the combat mechanics which are, well... you know not really worth explaining, just play it.

Love and Emo Pink Wonder Woman!

Richie X


  1. Anonymous00:48

    Do you get to play with your ding dong in this game or is it just a dongle?

  2. Anonymous15:13

    Mostly farts, there is a touch of feltching.


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