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People datamine the Pokémon games, mostly to see hidden stuff like characters or items, but some total legends have decided to datamine the hell out of Jynx and have researched and theorised about Jynx's Boob Physics.

Credits to: JynxClub Twitter

Boob Physics? Yeah "boob physics", since the average gaming age is going down many of you 'gamerZ' wont remember the heady days of the mid naughties where "Boob Physics" was gratuitously thrown around buzzword in the Blogosphere.

The technology for rounder (sic.) character models was finally starting to reach the the monitors and TV screens at home, the days of triangular pointy Lara Croft boobs, were becoming a thing of the past (for better or for worse).

It was all very contencious, Team Ninja were at the forefront of this technological leap flaunting their grounbreaking technology with titles like Ninja Gaiden, and the Dead or Alive series... and an actual slider for "bounciness"

But anyways I digress,

The folks over at Jynxclub. which I am guessing is less of a club and more just one person with a borderline unhealthy fixation on jynx, have said this:

Jynx fact that no one needs to know:
Jynx's boob animation and bone structure were the last elements added to the 3D model animation. 
Yes, they do bounce. 
That means that they found out they had enough budget to do it.
Not only that it was also someone at gamefreaks job! 

Breaking news: The 2 boobs are animated separately and are not locked together like in Pokemon Battle Revolution.

Love and googling "jynx" genuinely bring up Nikki Minaj results.

Richie X


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