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Steelseries World of Warcraft MMO Gaming mouse

Right so I may have been outed as a bit of a WoWophile with my many characters and such. I usually play with the Belkin Nostromo N52, which is a great piece of hardware, nicely customisable and extremely functional.

So when the Steelseries WoW mouse with it's 15 mouse buttons was announced I have to admit I was straight in there with a pre-order. Which incidentally was pegged for a November 2008 release date (to coincide with the release of the latest expansion pack Wrath of the Lich King)

After over a few weeks of waiting on December 11th I get this in my email:

Arraywith kind regards,SteelSeries Order Support

Seriously that is all I got just the word "Array", so I reply:

Hi there,Not sure what 'Array' means, is the mouse now available?

They reply:

The demand for the World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse has been much higherthan anticipated, even compared to our most optimistic forecasts. As aresult, the mouse is still delayed, despite our best efforts working aroundt…

Killzone 2 exclusive screenshots

We were lucky enough to score an interview with Guerilla games and had some extensive hands on time with the game. They also gave us some exclusive screenshots to use.

SPOILER WARNING: The screenshots were pretty cool with people shooting each other with guns and the like.

It was really good. Thanks Guerilla games and next time we'll bring the biscuits.

Wrath of the Achievements

Um, Yeah so there is hunners and hunners of new fap-worthy information n the up-and-coming WoW expansion Wrath of the Lich King. One such fap-worthy bit of information is the addition of "Achievements".

Yeah that's right I put "Achievements" in inverted commas.

Why you ask? Well because, when this was first rumoured the first thing I thought was, "Oh they are making WotLK part of the Games for Windows range." But apparently not, they have decided to make their own in-game achievements, rather than getting gamerscore, you get vanity pets, tabards, and generally other bragging rights.

Makes sense though, WoW is bigger than like 10 360 games, with far too many things to unlock 1000 GPs would not be enough...


QQ Moar?

Luv n Hugs,

Richie X

T-Shirt of the Scarlet Crusade

So yeah, I have been officially playing WoW casually* for a while now, my most recent project has been levelling a Paladin (currently lvl 63) which I have really been enjoying in some slightly risqué ways, I have not been RPing her per say. However she does have the Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade, the whole Scarlet Chains Set, and I made sure I did all the Scarlet related quest lines in Eastern Plaguelands and Stratholme. Enough that I think we can all just agree I am a little bit gay for the Scarlet Crusade.

Who are the Scarlet Crusade?

I ain't gonna go into it, there are plenty of otherwebsites that can go into the details, they are essentially a bunch of Zealots who beleive that the all the Undead in WoW should be eradicated, along with anyone who sides with them, or indeed anyone who doesn't side with the Crusade.

But there is a whole load of meaty story to them, political intrigue, spies within the ranks and corrupt figureheads.

So anyways, one of my IRL friends who, alo…