1 year.

Right well

Today www.thatguys.co.uk is now 1 year old, I know some may argue that we are actually older than that, but it has been 1 year since we got the domain name. And we had to do a lot to get it too! I had to bare-fist-fight through legions of the undead, and Cunzy… well lets just say he's never been able to sit down properly since then.

Image from the formidable Way of the Rodent who's award ceremony we sadly missed :( .

To be honest we are all amazed that we have lasted this long! and we are very curious to know who actually looks at us?!?! Although to be fair "lasting this long" really only requires that we keep updating the site.

We would like to thank all of you that have supported Thatguys in the last year, we hope that you will continue to support us too!

We had an amazing year, we won a BAFTA for our ritings and we raised over £250,000 for a non-existing charity.

We slagged of a bunch of people we thought would be petty enough to come down here and have a go and they haven't. Which, is a win for us!

We got our first troll, who is secretely someone we know!
We got a bunch of people flaming us but we were both away so missed it all. Nevermind.

We faked over half a dozen comments to make ourselves look popular and we set up 10 new blogs just to link to us so our authority on Technorati would go up.

We bought two new games this last year, well one really. It was 5/10 readers.

Cunzy got fired but the announcement was over-shadowed by some other loser getting fired at some small video game blog. He was subsequently re hired.

Richie quit Wow then went back to it and then quit again. Currently it is unknown whether he is quit or out again. Cunzy finally completed the modern set in his house in Animal Crossing and is awaiting the HRA's review! Such rock and roll lifestyles!

Thatguys also met up in person for the first time in RL for a holiday/honeymoon in Estonia. Both Richie and Cunzy are dissapointed that neither was telling the truth about age/gender. That's the glory of the internet reader.
We managed to not make a single Maddie joke (I think?) which, is commendable for us. Really it is. Others left right and centre are selling out because now "it's been long enough". You won't find that here.
Please feel free to drop us a wee comment, we are very curious to know who keeps us going. We're going to carry on for the rest of the year much as we always have, jaded, jealous, bitter little men keeping our corner of the internet moist with 12 year old jokes (in all three meanings).
Props to Chuff_72, Dr Wo 69, GIANT EMO HALO BISCUIT, Quadbee, Robisgay, Richie!, Kent, Omastar, Tony Harrison, Amber, Dave, Mike, Randy McSporran, DUFF1N, Dr Hamhock MD, Phorenzik, Mario Mark, Brownie Boy, Alouatta, ernest, alex, iki, Type-O, Das Geordie, SMEGHAMMER, Harv1nd and all the other names we made up to make it look like we had some friends. Thanks everyone!


  1. Happy Birthday to TGAM!!!

  2. Anonymous01:50

    Well its about bloody time you put a blog on there, i have been waiting for dayzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!! i would just like to say that that guys the best web site eva and i'm proud and happy to be apart of it, i may have been away for a while but cunzy (MY BROTHER, oh yea pround of that too baby!) straightenedmme out and now i'm all good. Thank you for such good and funny times. Oh and cunzy is good at animal crossing but there is one person better..........
    ask cunzys grilfriend, all i can say is she is a legand at the game ROCK ON ANNE!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.s. I miss u richie

  3. Anonymous01:52

    didn't check what i writen after i typed it did i?


  4. Happy Birthday Cunts.


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