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I dunno how may times I have mentioned this before... but, for those of you don't know, Rez on the PS2 came with a USB vibrating attachment. It was designed to "enhance" the gameplay of Rez, and not originally in a sexual way, apparently it was designed to create a synaesthesic experience... so that you could feel the music in your elbow or something.

Well anyway, with The new HD Rez game coming out on the 360 The question on everyone's lips is whether they can get-off in HD? Well... the answer is yes... Up to 3 joypads can be used as Trance vibrators! This can mean only one thing! Bluetooth vibrators, are round the corner!

Special Hugs,

Richie XXX


  1. Ha! Quadbee is just annoyed because he bought four trance vibrators.

  2. Anonymous01:57

    5 Atually, but 1 did break wheni threw it...... (sniff) i can still see him now buried in the front garden.


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