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Taken from some genius anonymouse over at RAM RAIDER, regarding Jeff Minter's RR Games Writer Twat Of 2007 Award:

This is probably the most deserved award of the lot.Despite the fawning of EDGE and a few other rags, Minter is plainly a childish, petulant charlatan - he knocks out a half-broken game based on someone else's idea anyway (that he then messes up still further with updates), takes half a decade to do so, throws a hissy fit so extreme when someone didn't like it (and what did he fucking expect? It's hardly as accessible as Mario is it?) that he and all his mates felt it necessary to tromp all over the Live! scoreboards to show how fucking ace they are, and STILL expected the world and his dog to bow down at his feet, tell him how great he is and throw money at him.
Space Giraffe did do one good thing: it went some way to finally exposing the lie of the Minter "legend" - he's just a backroom indie programmer knocking out rehashed games barely above Web-based flash standard with a chip on his shoulder the size of Wales, not some reclusive uber-genius. Can't wait for Gridrunner +++, where us regular punters will doubtless get slagged off again for not recognizing the awesome talent it takes to re-release a tarted up 20 year old C64 game.

It's not that we hate Jeff at all but, yeah, come on now. Back to reality. Plus we might need to get used to reading abuse like this when we plan to relaunch Resident Evil 2 on the Xbox 5000 in the year 2057.


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