Drawn by the Undertow

Undertow as an apology… I don't accept it for 2 reasons:

First up… I was not EVER inspired by a fucking side scrolling shoot-em-up with memaids.

Secondly… What is the deal with the reviews it's getting? It seems all the Internet based games journalism has rated it the upper percentiles, yet the non-www media rates it as pish.

The user ratings are quite mixed too ranging form piss-poor to Awesome. Of course I should download it and review it myself properly. But fuck that, it have plenty of games for my 360 that I ACTUALLY want, rather than freebie pish.

I was one of the unfortunates who actually lost their gamer Tag in the ether as I "recovered" it a mates house, and since I couldn't recover it over the whole of Xmas I couldn't play my Xbox for the whole of Xmas. Undertow is a poor, poor apology.

Just a quick FYI to Micro$oft: When Blizzard fuck up, they give WoWers free days on their accounts, I would have been much happier with that since, in theory, I still have to pay for the days I couldn't use Xbox live, so I'm actually kinda paying for Undertow anyway. Pish.


  1. Anonymous11:50

    Undertow's pretty good, the campaign is too short and too easy in co-op, though the fact that it's got co-op at all makes it more fun than most 360 games, but not as good as co-op Doom, which is what the 360 was built for.

    The multiplayer is okay too, though I have never been able to find more than one person online to play against, which should change pretty soon.

    Overall, it's not bad for £6. If it was £50, I would possibly complain.

    HOWEVER - I bought it only two weeks ago - GIVE ME MY FUCKING MONEY BACK YOU CUNTS.

    Guess I'll have to google my way to an answer since the offer on fucking Xbox Inside doesn't include any mention of compensation.


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