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Drawn by the Undertow

Undertow as an apology… I don't accept it for 2 reasons: First up… I was not EVER inspired by a fucking side scrolling shoot-em-up with memaids. Secondly… What is the deal with the reviews it's getting? It seems all the Internet based games journalism has rated it the upper percentiles, yet the non-www media rates it as pish. The user ratings are quite mixed too ranging form piss-poor to Awesome. Of course I should download it and review it myself properly. But fuck that, it have plenty of games for my 360 that I ACTUALLY want, rather than freebie pish. I was one of the unfortunates who actually lost their gamer Tag in the ether as I "recovered" it a mates house, and since I couldn't recover it over the whole of Xmas I couldn't play my Xbox for the whole of Xmas. Undertow is a poor, poor apology. Just a quick FYI to Micro$oft: When Blizzard fuck up, they give WoWers free days on their accounts, I would have been much happier with that since, in t

Omastar Comics E3 SPECIAL

Omastar is at E3 reporting on all the exciting games things. How did he get a pass I wonder?