TGAM: clichéd 2008 post

Right well its 2008, we have yet another year of gaming ahead of us and, despite the cliché, we are going to do a what-are-you-looking-forward-to-in-2008 post.

1. Devil May Cry.

Plain and simple, we have been dying to see Dante back in action for ages, this time he’s all next-gen too. The game also apparently won “trailer of the year 2007” from Now in some weird happenstance TGAM are actually going to dispute this. As much as we lurve DMC we found the trailer had used the age old trick of using FMV rather than gameplay. There are a couple of snippets of gameplay (10 seconds), but most of us don’t care about monocle’d villains or how much more emo Nero is going to get. Most of us wanted to see the actually gameplay footage, I demand to see a 3 hit sword combo, with the last hit launching the enemy into the air, and then Dante shooting, holding the afore mentioned bad guy in the air. Though! Spanky new teleportation moves, some weird machine that appears as if from nowhere and fires missiles, Trish AND Lady! Still wets our (pants) appetite.

2. Resident Evil 5.

This is a given, no matter what TGAM will be playing this one to undeath. Chris Redfield returning to stir up some controversy, and angry up some scary 28-days-later-esque rage zombies. Though 2008? Really? How many of us believe that this one will hit the shelves before the year is out? I’m sure we all remember how long RE4 was in development.

3. Silent Hill 5.

More fucked up scary shit from Konami. But not really, as we mentioned before its being done by some “western” developers. Fuck it… Doesn’t matter I guarantee that no-one can play it alone and in the dark!

4. Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

Despite this being a glorified* Gamecube game, the challenges, characters, and the downright multiplayer fun of SSBB will make this an instant hit in the TGAM offices

*Glorified was a hard word to use here, there is not a lot of glory involved, because:

a) The graphics are not much better.
b) They have added characters we don’t care about (Lucas?!?! Ike?!?!)
c) Its on the Wii

5. TGAM: The game based on the blog based on the games that influence our lives.

We have been pissing about with some of the early-beta versions and the visuals are absolutely amazing, we have still yet to do some of the sound work and implement some of the more complex gaming core elements. But the thing we are loving the most is the physics, as you know physics are the new graphics and, seriously blogging in a game has never felt so real or so much fun. And yes we are looking towards a multiplatform release of this in 2008. Watch this space.

And last up, we are going to pose ourselves some questions for this time next year:

1. Did all the above games come out in 2008?
2. Were they good?
3. What were the surprise releases of 2008?
4. Is Richie still playing WoW?
5. Is there yet another expansion for it?
6. Did the Wii’s sell out again this Xmas?
7. Is the Wii any good yet?
8. Is the PS3 still shit?
9. Does TGAM still exist?
10. Does Cunzy own any next-gen machine (or powerful PC) yet?

Enjoy 2008

Luv n’ hugs



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