A new challenger has arrived!

So, Pokemon X and Y announced and we at thatguys have kleenex on standby. And this latest Valentines video shows us the newest evolution for Eevee! But no-one knows what type it is! In the Previous Generations it looks like this:

Gen I
Flareon: Fire
Jolteon: Electric
Vaporeon: Water

Gen II
Espeon: Psychic
Umbreon: Dark

Gen IV
Leafeon: Grass
Glaceon: Ice

Which leaves Steel, Bug, Fighting, Poison, Ground, Flying, Rock, Ghost or Dragon. This Eevee evolution has been named Sylveon. Which rather annoyingly does not divulge the typing the prefix "Sylv" could refer to may things:
Silver, indicating it is a steel type, however it does not look very steel-like.
Sylvan, meaning foresty or arboreal, but we already have a grass type.
Sylph, which is a mythological air elemental, this could indicate a Flying or Ghost type, but nothing about it really screams either typing, except maybe a scarf that flaps in the wind. Or maybe a connection to Silph Co. the manufacturer of pokemon items in-game.
From the colouring alone you want to say "Normal type" as there are so many Pink normal types, and well Eevee alone is not that powerful a standalone pokemon so may just get a straight evolution, but why does the little brown dog turn into a big pink deer-like thing?


Ok yeah from all that I wanna take you on a Left-field, from downtown possibility, The name of the game is pokemon X and Y. The letters X and Y are mostly associated with Genectics, more specifically Chromosomes, and there is a possibility that perhaps there may be pokemon cross breeding going on in this game! Perhaps Sylveon is a crossbreed of an Eevee and a Skitty? This could be a new evolution method to crate hybrids of pokemon rather than the old formula seen in each generation of the game; where you turn up in a new area and find a whole bunch of new ones... Maybe?

Love and why does swift have stars,

Richie X


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