Silent Hill continues to rock!

Silent hill origins came out last week.

But rather annoyingly only on the PSP. So we at that guys have scrambled around in our cupboard of freebies and dug out our PSP (still in its box), part of us was glad because there is actually a reason to use the PSP!

So we break out Silent Hill origins and start that bad boy up! And it is amazing! It follows the story of Travis, a truck driver. Who is getting caught up in the events preceding the original Silent Hill.

*Spoilers… Right up ye*
If you have played the “previous” silent hill games, you know that Alessa is Dahlias Kid, and that Alessa was burned alive, well the story takes place from this moment onwards. Dahlia, Dr Kaufmann, Lisa are all in it, but younger. Alessa is kicking about there to.

The Graphics are actually quite good, as with most PSP games (according to what I have heard) it’s a mix between PS1 and PS2 graphics, a sort of PS1.5 which is great because it is reminiscent of the original silent hill.

Gameplay is more of the same, constantly being freaked out by music, ammo, monsters, and health. More so than any other game I have played. Though they have added some quite innovative new things. Number one is that melee weapons are now only good for a few hits then they break, there are also single use weapons, like typewriters which you use to hit the enemy for massive damage.

Thatguys Score 8/10 (Highest/only score ever for a PSP game, all PSP reviews will be done using Silent Hill: Origins as a holotype for PSP games)



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