Christmas will get expensive

Especially if I insist on buying shit like this for myself as a reward for buying other people presents. Which I will insist upon.

Review of Clever Kids Dino Land based on the box art alone:Shoddy aimed-at-children game that uses about 2% of the space on a DS cartridge. Three thousand complete the six piece jigsaw mini games, and one microphone gimmick game that doesn't really work. There is a 50% chance that this game doesn't allow players to save but instead they have to enter a passcode WHICH IS SO EARLY PlayStation it hurts. With dinosaurs and mammoths 10/10

I dream of the day I can fill my little DS 9 game case carrier with dinosaur and prehistoric creatures games only! LIFE AMBITION PROGRESS: 11%. £40 and I could be 33% closer to my life ambition! MONEY CAN AND DOES BUY YOU HAPPINESS!

Fossil League: GOT!
Ice Age 2: The meltdown: Need!
Clever Kids Dino Land: Need!
Dino Master: Need!
Dino Crisis DS: Not yet made. Get on it Capcom!!


  1. Anonymous17:05

    Oh sick, Christmas just got a little more expensive again; Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure (National Geographic) (DS).


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