Finally! 2

You probably don't remember when webcomic cretin Tom Bickley of Catl Ult Doll gave us a secret nod. If you don't here it is.

Well after several years of randomly emailing Ryan North and telling him that he stole my idea, Omastar Comics, for his longer running comics series Dinosaur Comics (the similarity is shocking Mr North), he has finally given us the nod we so deserve here.

Whaddya mean you can't see it again?

Here it is:

It's obvious to you and me. Once again it is shown that That Guy's A Maniac is a site for the discerning millionaire Canadian, time travel-to-steal-ideas webcomic artist. Just another reason why we are the World's Second Greatest VideoGame Blog of All Time as proved by science

You are only part forgiven Ryan. The head, one arm and one leg specifically. You get to choose which side you get to keep.


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