So you may have gathered from the title of this blog and many many of the posts that go with it that we are fans of the Resident Evil Series. It goes without saying. So we were midly excited to see the first videos of Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles. You get to play bits from all those Resident Evil games again! Check the latest video here.
Now as much as we love the series and won't have a word to say against it (excepting requests for DS remakes), we are getting a little bit sick of seeing this guy:

The first zombie you encounter in Resident Evil. His iconic putrid face marked the beginning of a genre (Alone in the Dark doesn't count). The cutscene he appears in marked only the beginning in a long series of games from the fundamentally broken Outbreak to the unanimous greatness of Resident Evil 4 (secretely Resident Evil 6). Killing him with a knife in the original was both tricky and a taster for the rest of the game. And then again in the directors's cut. And then again on the PC version. Starting to lose appeal on the Sega Saturn. Then again on the GC rehash. And again on some mobile phone pish. And then once more on the DS. Oh and with the latest release you have to kill that fucker again in Umbrella Chronicles.

Talk about flogging a dead zombie. This guy deserves his own machnima, or at least an entry in the Game Hall of Fame. He must be up there in the most killed enemy of all time record books.
So aside from endless repetition in the name of virtual "achievement", counting the number of iterations of this poor zombie you have killed may be a good measure of Resident Evil Fanboyness. This could be used to avoid future confrontation amongst the Capcom masses. You'll know to back down if someone has a higher FZK (first zombie kill) than you, even if they are cosplaying Claire or diarrhea Jill. At the moment TGAM are on a joint 4FZK. However, Richie may overtake with UC. What's your FZK?


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