World of Warcraft: Rapid Edition

Yeah so it’s been a while since I went off on a WoW Rant.

As you know I have a lvl 70 Mage on a PvE server. But a while ago I started an Undead Priest on a PvP server and now he has hit lvl 60. It really was the long Haul from 1-55. But when patch 2.3 hit last week, the experience gains were very noticeable! I flew up 5 levels in a matter of a few days. Patch 2.3 added a lot of new things, a new instance, a revised Duskwallow marsh with more quests for people ranged 35-45, and have made the items gotten from instances more burning-crusade-ish, and of course increased experience gains. When I was levelling my mage to 60 (back in the day) levels 58-60 were really epic, it took weeks of running Strat and getting Eastern Plaguelands quests completed. But in the recent updates it took about 1 night to do both those levels! On that note, I did not do any of the Outland quests to get to that level, I did it purely in Silithus and EPL, just for old times sake. So levels 61-70 now await.

My character is a deep shadow specced priest, as such he is not that different from my mage except that he can get mana and life back. And pretty much grind constantly. He is named “Rïchie” (Alt+139 for the stupid “i” but I will be changing my name soon enough). I am also an officer and founding member of a guild. We are called [Good Hard Gank] and reside on the Horde side of the PvP server Tarren Mill. Drop me a mail if you are interested in joining us over in the ranks of Good hard Gank.




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