Pinnacle reached: Richie now accepted by Geeks everywhere!

In the small hours of Saturday night/Sunday morning I finally did it! I reached Level 60! After hours and hours of grinding, questing and farming I finally did it, My Mage hit Level 60!

Let me take you through it:

Me pointing at the "mob" that's gonna take me to level 60Me and my guildmates

Me hitting level 60!Me and all my friends

Me dancing on the remains of the "mob" I this really what my life amounts to?
If you are interested, or want to give me Gold/Items/Cybaaaaaaaar, my server is Runetotem, and I am a Human Mage called Richie….


Anonymous said…
I would love to cybr. You seem so funny from your site!

I'll be on tonight from 8pm GMT.

I'm a fm human mage. I don't know why more people don't play as a mage its tricky to start with but in my view the best class.

Oh, of course, my name is Ayda Wyong
Richie said…
/place my willy in your bum
Richie said…
AYYYDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Man she wasnt there! Is that not like the ultimate in geeky sadness, getting stood up in a Virtual world for virtual sex. Thats it I'm committing Virtual Suicide

"You Have Died"

"Do you want to resurrect at the graveyard Y/N"


Cunzy11 said…
Of course she wasn't there. I haven't got an internet connection ha ha ha ha ha ha.


Richie said…
/place my willy in your bum

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