Holy Shit!

He is actually still-a-fucking-alive.

Ed, we're not worthy! We're not worthy. For those of you who haven't read this blog or played disc 12 of PlayPlusses (or Some old magazine) Demo Disc, Ed Federmeyer is a god.

Do you remember Net Yaroze Playstations? They were black and people could program really shit games. They cost about 4 grand and for a while every magazine used to have a section on their demo disc with a selection of the same 9 homebrew "This is what you can do with Net Yaroze"games. Most of them were poor but one game, Haunted Maze , was head and shoulders above all games then and since.
You played as a man in a maze..... anyway the best game ever, and whilst it loaded the game up it told you that Ed Federmeyer made it in three weeks. Even now when we have a get together at some point in the evening Haunted Maze goes on and it takes a force of nature to get it turned off, so we can carry on playing not-free, this gen games.


  1. Well he was at least until Ocotber 2002.

  2. Anonymous15:41

    Dude, what are you doing lying to the people? It was the pink demo disc no. 42 from OPM.

  3. It may well have been as well but I've got it on disc no.12 of some magazine or other. I specially looked at it t'other day.

  4. Anonymous14:51

    It was about the fifth level that it all kicked off! I'm sure he will be on myspace. Or he sits at home all day searching the net for people that mention him in posts, prints them off, laminates them and hangs them around his cupboard. Why oh why do people not make games anymore with classical music, like Return Fire, i'm sure the rights aren't too hard to buy because all the composers are dead and they beat anything made by EA (its really gay)

  5. I totally lied about how long it took him. Sorry the public. Ed was better than that.


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