They did it! They did it....

Well, yesterday I found this article (on Game Girl Advance, well you've got to pretend right? Whats the point of going online if you can't pretend to be a girl anyway), read all three posts, and thought WOW! They have kinda done what I mused about here. A great place for people to go and game in comfort, with leagues, big screens, spectators, games for sale usw. usw.!

So I checked out the Game Time Nation homepage and it's been closed now for about two years.

Nevermind. That's that experiment I can cross of my list of things to do.


  1. I'm amazed you have the patience to even look at girl 'gamer' sites!

    They are all lies conjured by girls with oestrogen deficiencies... You wanna play games! Go make a game out of cooking, or putting on make-up, or fucking some other guy in the nightclub bathrooms, just because it was an "exciting risk".

    Girls have not got a creative or imaginative bone in their bodies (except mine, nooch!) so why should they play games… No wait that’s harsh… They can play games... just as long as they don’t try to form opinions on them, it will hurt their fragile little heads and they’ll have to go to their bathroom cabinet to take the one of the pills from the hideous collections of medications that girls need.

  2. Well It was nice knowing you guys...

    I'm gonna get PMSed to death...

  3. This is about Guitar Hero again isn't it?

  4. Let me guess tahnk is L337 for "Could you politely refrain from provoking the memory of that terrible day. Thanks chap".

  5. Anonymous14:28


  6. Ah ha ha ha ha ha.


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