Londonage Part 5

Step 5. See David Gilmour.

Yep well, this was the main reason I even ventured out of grey rainy Scotland. The concert was on Monday 29th May at the Albert hall. And was IMMENSE, seriously one of the best fucking gigs of my life, EVER!!! For those of you who don’t know David Gilmour is, he is the Lead Vocalist and Guitarist in Pink Floyd, and if you don’t know who Pink Floyd are then: fuck off, curl up and die, and burn in hell you fucking philistine.

I’d like to see anyone top this gig, I dare you:

  1. David Gilmour.
  2. Richard Wright (Pink Floyd vocalist/keyboardist).
  3. Crosby and Nash (From Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young) as his Harmony Vocals.
  4. David Gilmour.
  5. The Whole of his new album: On an Island.
  6. A 20 minute version of Echo’s (a la Live in Pompeii)
  7. David Gilmour.
  8. David Bowie!*
  9. David Gilmour.

*Yeah! David Fucking Bowie! The last two songs Daid Gilmour says, “I’d like to introduce on stage a good friend of mine… Mr David Bowie” then he sings the Syd Barrett song Arnold Lane, and the speaky bit in Comfortably Numb!

Step 5: See David Gilmour. CHECK.

Score: Richie 4: London 1

To be continued....


  1. Pink Floyd are weak. You aren't even from that generation?

  2. Whats your point? I can still fucking appreciate them, Pink Floyd are timeless!

  3. No. Dave Gilmore is a tool.


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