Now I have to admit it... I really like gamespot I love their reviews! and the Podcast is actually funny. But enough Arse licking! I was reading a cool article on "Top 5 games you haven't played but you should. " with some quite interesting stuff in there. And plus it scarily shows up how ignorant these guys are, and they are supposed to be the forefront in games news.

However, and this may just be blatant jealously because these guys work for Gamespot writing articles for games for a living, the first article on the "Top 5 list of why we shoudn't work in the games industry" is written but a guy who has perhaps the FUNNIEST name i have ever heard EVER:

Guy Cocker.

Guy Cocker! the list of gay jokes are almost limitless! I feel like writing to this guy and making him do an article on "Top 5 gay jokes based on my name" That would be good reading!

The second pleb to get interviewed for the "Top 5 reasons to not listen to the Gamespot UK reviews" is "Brad Shoemaker" now this just further broiled my blood he writes at the end "...check this out: I've never beaten Super Mario Bros. or the original Legend of Zelda. Sure, I've played them both plenty--I even beat Ganon once while playing a friend's copy--but never all the way through. How'd I get this job again?" Normally that would be a fairly decent comant however, when ANYONE in the Games Industry says, "How'd I get this job again?", it pisses me off especially someone who has managed to force himself into a prestegious Company. Anyway this is getting a bit bitter so I'm gonna wrap it up.

The rest of then have fairly "normal" names, shame.

Anyway if you didnt find that funny then how about: Jesus Plasters.


  1. Anonymous12:22

    Woo-Suk Bum
    Pat Scats
    Greta Balls

    Three of the best from where I work.

  2. They desperately need to fire the sports guy as well.
    Apparently NFL 2K1 is the 6th greatest game of all time, bear in mind that there are two tony hawks games, a dreamcast game, and an N64 game above that.

    Here is the true greatest top ten of all time
    1) Haunted Maze
    2) Super Pang
    3) Shaolin
    4) Mr.Wobbly leg vs. the space invaders
    5) Micro maniacs
    6) Timesplitters 2
    7) DOA: Extreme Volleyball
    8) DOA: Extreme VolleyBall 2 (not yet realesed)
    9) Point Blank level 52 (only)
    10) Final Fantasy III (OMG I got it on import for my SNES and its the best game ever better than FFVII, VIII and X put together)

  3. Yeah good call a Top 10 list

    Here's mine In no particular order

    - Pokemon Gold
    - World of Warcraft
    - Super Mario World
    - Mario Kart 64
    - Diablo II
    - Devil May Cry 3
    - Silent hill 4
    - Resident Evil 2
    - Zelda: OOT
    - Sentimental Shooting

  4. Sentimental shooting deserves it own post bearing in mind how long we tried to do it (ghey).

    It was actually quite hard (ghey).

    Some guy put my willy in his bum.

  5. Anonymous15:23

    U Gayz suk dk, bst gm va

    1. destraga
    2. makai kingdom
    3. la puellca tactics
    3. nintendo wars
    4. katamari damacy
    5. FFIV
    6. gradius 2
    7. ikaruga
    8. pacman
    9. wing commander
    10. sentinmental graffiti 2

  6. Ummm, I think we should actually stay as far away as possible from sentimental shooting... Its a little risque. In fact I dont know what the fuck you are talking about! Who has been posting under my name.

  7. Anonymous15:41

    ZOMG!!11 Senti Sh00ting iS dA Bom, I IS UBeR-Haxx0r-1337 @ SS. I Sh00t Bi7cHz C1oThes oFf a11 dA TimE!!111!!

    FCuk U n00bz!!!1

  8. You spelt bomb wrong.

  9. Back to the link you originally posted about. Shit the bed, with the exception of Gavin Bavin or whatever its nme is, they've all chosen really popular games. Burnout? The Sims? Elder Fucking Scrolls: Oblivion.

    Also what kind of prick-snorting-flange-faced-gimp calls Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy on a .uk. Site?. I suppose its Aerith as well now? Perhaps we should call Trainspotting by its "proper" title of "Trainspotting - Sem Limites"


  10. Anonymous18:10

    Games You Haven't Played But You Should - Metal Gear Acid 2!!! Guy Cocker you sir, are a cunt.

    Although, Shoot-em-up Construction Kit? Genius, love everything about this utility, I still have the game I (with help of my friend Will) made, it was called "Mental", but I wrote on the tape "Menal", in one of those silver pens that you can't get off. Brilliant.

  11. Anonymous11:05

    Y0u 5p3|7 80m8 wr0n6.

  12. Anonymous11:33

    mr wobbly legs rocks, quote " chang, chang, dechang, chang, WOOOO! Chang, dechang, chang, chang, chang OOIII!
    Only first class pilots get to fly"
    Damn it I wanna play the space invaders part! Oh well back to running and dodging.

  13. I think we only got to first class pilot once.

    Champ champ champ WOO!


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