That Guy’s a Maniac Award…

This month the “That Guy’s a Maniac…” Award goes to:


This guy is apparently organising a 40 man raid in WoW which he will be controlling himself. For those of you who are WoW-illiterate: 40 man raids are when a group of 40 people, who have reached the end of the game, enter an event where they have to kill very hard enemies and boss characters, mostly to collect some of the more “epic” items to improve their character. The 40 man raids have to be ‘balanced’ i.e. they will have an even spread of all the different character classes (mages, paladins, warriors, hunters, priests etc.) all of which have their own role within the game.

Anyway this guy is apparently gonna control all 40 characters...

Good luck Xzin, and Congrats you are a Maniac

More here.


  1. That guy is literally a maniac. The only times I, personally (is there any other kind of I?), have tried to come close to the sheer maniacness that Xzin is attempting were:

    1) When I tried to complete Star Wars Jedi Power Battles. Two player but on my own, to unlock Darth Maul. It was easy really. You just have to kill player 2 and finish the levels without dying; otherwise you have to restart. However, one level, set in Naboo, is a top down shooter and both players have to survive all the way through. Fortunately the speederbikes automatically go forward. So, I had a controller on each knee and used one character to shoot enemies whilst very kak-handedly moving the other character to avoid obstacles (one touch= explosion!).

    2) The other time was on the TS:UG challenge on Timesplitters Future Perfect, where you have to control two turret guns at either end of a corridor, using the left stick to move one and the right to move the other. It's not easy and I've only got a silver still

    You will notice that both of these feats are at least 1/20th of the maniacness of Xzin, but that calculation is based on the wrong assumption that it gets linnearly harder the more alts you try to control, when clearly it gets exponentially harder. Also after such screen focussed concentration after a while you can only see the matrix and any avatars you control are surrounded by a fuzzy white border.

    Bonne chance nutter!


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