Long Range

You honestly couldn't have scripted it more perfectly if you tried. Well not here anyway because we use a certain amount of autistic licence with our spelling and grammar.

Gay (in the 13 year old sense) bloggers don't like football.

Now I'm no sportsman myself, I've dabbled with Football and Rugby and Richie famously appeared on the Silver screen as a rugby player but it takes a certain breed of San Fransisco, blogger, ex-goth, OMG I heard my cat wheezing at 4 this morning so I had to take it to the vet, oh god what would I do if he died? Sicknote Sam to make an Indie videoabout it! Is it because you can't run very fast? I imagine there were jocks at your high-school?

In Europe it is compulsory to like football and/or feign liking it, especially around Euro or World Cup time unless you are a girl in the biological sense or a girl in the other sense.


  1. The title of this post is Long Range inspiring imagery of the pink materia in Final Fantasy VII.

    The post is titled so, one imagines, because taking cheeky potshots at the, Aircraft Carrier of a blog, that Boing Boing is from the safety of an unheard-of Dinghy Blog is running the risk of blog suicide. If someone disses Boing Boing the hordes of Mac-owning-visual-artist-bloggers come running to its' defence in the hope that their hero, Mr.Boing Boing will give one of them a sausage smooch.

    Thus the long range of the title, and indeed, the materia is a psychological response to our relative anonymity.

  2. Yes but the reason you don't care about it is obvious. It's for the same reason that, in a couple of weeks at most, I'm not going to care about it either.

  3. Anonymous13:00

    Those flags on cars are actually issued to the owners. They are insignia for bad drivers so that we may all avoid them and know they are coming.

    1 flag designates poor driver ability
    watch with caution

    2 flag designates dire driver avoid like a burbery hat

  4. Nothing quite says "Great British Summer" than the sight of sweaty, topless, fat tattooed men driving around in white vans with more England flags on them than "Please clean me" notes written in dust on the back doors.


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