So everyone and their dog is doing this at the moment thanks to this site here but what the hell. If you are going to steal them at least call your old lady Cunzy11 next time you bang her.


  1. Anonymous13:47

    Wow! Cunzy they are sooo funny LOL. I work at a top video game culture humourist magazine and would love for you to come and write for us. Is 200k enough p/a?

  2. Well, well Of course I hve received a multitude of offers in the past but I'm going to stay loyal to That Guys its more of spiritual home for me. Unless Richie can get a job too and we hve an office.

  3. Anonymous13:50

    We aren't really interested in him per say but you'll need a secretary or something so you could employ him?

  4. Anonymous14:05

    Fuck you, you queer! Cunzy11 will never work in private games journalism, I'll make sure of it, for I am Guy Cocker KING of all internet publishing!

    P.S. Richie is Funnier/Sexier than Cunzy.

  5. Damn you Cocker!

    P.S Have you ever been fired for googling your own name?


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