More than a woman

Hey Zangief nice ears! Have you ever thought about male modelling? With that beard and that bulge, gamers of all persuasions would lust after you. Hey, in fact whilst other "boys" were pausing the screen whilst Chun-Li was kicking to get a flash of the pixellated gash but I was pausing you to get a nice ass shot.


  1. Actually the trick to seeing the Chun-Li Pixelated gash (in the classic Streetfighter 2) was to jump towards, or away from the opponent and in mid sommersault pause... that was the money shot.

  2. I can't believe that image is on the internet. Sure you can google "Chun Li" upskirt spam butterfly but looking at thousands of wannabe anime artist images drawn by 14 year olds isn't the same as earning that cheeky glimpse through skill and timing using a SNES pad.

  3. Anonymous10:15

    Another slightly more appealing Street Fighter moment, when E Honda jumps with a medium kick and down the resulting move is his lardy arse landing on your face, however you are treated to a glimpse of the big mans tasty red pants before being tea bagged by a Sumo, one word, sweaty.

    Also Golden Axe 2 the big minotaur dudes that go pzand with their maces their balls look like they are made from sand bags. Really should fight the bad guys not look at their genitals.

  4. Okay whilst we at this filthy game. On Super Smash Brothers Melee when looking at your trophies, if you look at one of the Pech trophies (the second one) you can rotate the camera and navigate under her skirt to see some panties!
    If you turn the lights out, squint and sit quite far away there is also some definite camel-toe action. Check it out!

  5. Pech is L337 for Peach. Of course


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