Wii will, Wii will... Rock you!

Yeah so today’s GameFaqs Poll is "Who do you think will win the next-gen console war?". For now we set aside the fact that this is blatant propaganda, and is unjustifiably fuelling the fires of hate for game systems every where. But let us also note the winner, or at least the current contender for winning. It’s the “Wii” by a whopping 45%. This really does seem promising people are seeing that although underpowered the games will be good. Well that’s one interpretation of it, of course it could easily be that its only morons who like the novelty of the wand controller. Or indeed GameFaqs could just be over-run with Nintendo fan-boys… Hmm I wonder.

FYI: I voted for “I think they will all do well” not that I am middle-of-the-road fuck, but also because they all will do well. I have a feeling Xbox360 will get the finger out soon and drop the price, they also have Xbox live arcade which is brilliant, Sony will be a specced-out beast with Final fantasy’s Resident evils and Devil may cries, and the Wii will have Mario franchises, and a full fucking back catalogue of Nintendo and Sega games. Each to their own though, they will all do well.


  1. Anonymous14:15

    Ah Gayfags how would I find out how to make Sonic Bombs without you (Fire Herb + Nitroshroom = Gunpowder + Sreamer = Sonic Bomb).


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