Lvl 60, Discuss...

As a sort of follow up to this post, I’d like to give you guys a little insight to the “endgame” in WoW, or at least my view so far on it. As far as I can see there are really only 2 directions you can go in once you hit lvl60, the first is PvP and the second is to go raiding. So I have dabbled in a bit of both:

PvP: This consists of doing Battle Grounds over and over. When you do battle grounds you gain two things Reputation and honour. You gain reputation with the faction you are fighting for the more you get of this allows you to buy cooler things from their vendor, usually armour and weapons. You gain honour for killing things in general in the game for any PvP activities including just killing a random player from the opposite faction. Honour is well complicated but essentially, your characters PvP activities are calculated every Wednesday morning for the whole week and you gain honour from it, as you proceed up the ranks, gaining more honour you are able to buy very cool armour.

There are 3 choices of battle ground:

1. Warsong Gulch, which is a “capture the flag” Battle ground with 10 Alliance players vs 10 horde players and usually lasts no more than ½ hour

Reputation: Silvewing Sentinels average 200 rep per battle.
Honour: 2000-4000 for a win.

2. Arathi Basin, is a typical warcraft type game, where 20v20 players have to fight it out to gain resources by securing locations on the map such as a gold mine or stables.

Reputation: League of Arathor, average 250 rep per battle
Honour: 2000-4000 for a win

3. Alterac Valley, is EPIC is 40v40 and each side starts at either end of a huge map and they have to battle through NPCs and players to eventually kill a boss character, lasts 2-8 hours, EPIC

Reputation: Stormpike average 2000 rep per battle
Honour 4000-8000 for a win

This is all great BUT the major failing in PvP is that the goddamn queues for the battle grounds can take FOREVER eg:

Raiding: this is where teams of 10 – 40 players team up together and raid a dungeon for cool items, there are loads of endgame dungeons each with different difficulty curves. And it really requires people who know what they are doing in the dungeons and loads of preparation.

Yeah so I did UBRS (Upper BlackRock Spire) and I won a few things including a new hat and well it sucks! Look:

Remind you of anyones hat?

Fucking wonder woman’s bandana Seriously?!?! I didn’t spend forever trying to get to lvl 60 for Wonder woman’s sweaty bandana.

In conclusion: fuck it I’ll do both.


  1. Um Cheers buddy, but i have a sneeky feeling that you are not a person but some sort of computer script designed to target Blogs.

    Tell you what i'll believe you "all the best to you!" if you tell me, in less than 500 words, what your favorite post has been and why.

  2. I've seen the matrix mate, I know what you robot types are like. First it'll be "well done on your blog" then it'll be all "have some metal in your face meatbag" and then we'll be all like "EMP, EMP!!".

    You can't trick us with your Friend speak

    P.S. Are you a girl though?

  3. Commisserations Friend, I visited your site and to be honest, kinda sucks. Not very interesting. Like a phone book-not very interesting.
    If you want to be as successful as us at This guy's then you need to lose that maroon background. Then you need to add some photos. Of naked women maybe. That scary chick isn't going to get you many fans. Have you thought about putting on some opinions about things? It's just an A-Z list for christs sake.


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