And though Megatron has killed you, we’ll continue…

Right well the Transformers live action movie. From the scraps I have found on the internet:

1. The main plot is that there are 2 humans (boy and girl, spewy romantic potential).
2. Bumblebee is not a VW Beetle.
3. Megatron is not a Gun, but a spaceship(?)
4. Soundwave will be a CD player.
5. There will be transforming Xbox360s and iPods.

All this may sound shit, but check out the site: When it started up I think I came a little bit.

And here’s a little MP3 to keep you going till July 2007.


  1. Anonymous14:14

    The best thing is that one of THE Beards is exec producer, and Bay is directing, don’t get me wrong the guy has committed some biblical atrocities but man, so much shit is gonna blow up in this movie!


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