Top 10: Part 2

Cunzys top 10 computer game characters he like to get screenshots/photos of cos-players of, so that he can get hard, as nothing else does it now.

  1. Zangief
  2. Barret (but only with the Comedic Punching Glove weapon)
  3. Steiner
  4. All Kingdom Hearts Characters
  5. Nanaki (Red XIII) and his dad when he cries
  6. Paras
  7. Sweet Tooth
  8. Blinky Bill (shadow of memories)
  9. Walter Sulivan (Silent Hill 4)
  10. Default Man


  1. Cunzys Resident Evil fuck list:

    Kevin - RE1
    William birkin - RE2
    Hunk - RE2
    Plant Monster - RE2
    Mayors Daughter (Still warm, on Cheif Irons desk, with chief Iron watching) - RE2
    Arse face baby monster in sewer - RE2
    Fat Zombie - RE3
    Brad - RE2/RE3
    Alfred (Dressed as Alixia)- RE: Code Veronica
    Steve (Post Transformation) - RE: Code Veronica
    Werd Tenticle Dad thing - RE: Code Veronica
    Chaingun Plaga - RE4
    Regenerator - RE4
    Krauser - RE4

  2. Richie's Resident Evil Fucklist

    Sherry Birkin-RE2
    Sherry Birkin(Dead)- RE2
    Sherry Birkin x Licker- RE2
    Sherry Birkin x William Birkin- RE2
    Sherry Birkin x Wesley Crusher-RE2 and Star Trek
    Marvin "Big Willy Style" Branagh- RE2


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