Console dictatorship.

Just as a follow up to Cunzys Letters to Mr Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo: I realised in some way each one of these companies is striving to get you to play the games that they want you to play:

Example 1: Sony – Hmm, these are the least evil, however they pile out any shite possible on the system.

Example 2: Microsoft – Quote: “Fuck back compatibility! You will only play our (Huge range) of new 360 games… Dicks.”

Example 3: Nintendo – These guys are the worst! Not only are they fucking releasing what they feel like localising to Europe, but they also tell you how you should play it! Fuck that if I want to play Animal Crossing for 6 hours then not touch it for a month I will!



  1. Yet after reading on the net and mags about E3 makes me think, "excellent four new Gamecube games they haven't given up. 20 new PSP games, 20 new DS games, new stuff for PS2". Then I remember that half of that stuff won't reach European stores. The other stuff will be so hard to find unless you live in a capital city or buy it online. Why should we have to go to such lengths.

    It's one of the things that pisses me off about Edge magazine. 70% of their previews (and some of their reviews) are of great looking games that are TBC (read No Fucking Chance) for a European release.
    I have never bought an imported game and I doubt I ever will. What makes even less sense is that sequels (Dragon Quest, Katamari, Gazillion RPGs with 18 word titles) to all of these games are released over here, albeit on the next generation of the original system. Either don't bother or do.

  2. I bought an import game once... Naruto Taisen 3, based on the anime, and to my surprise that freeloader thing works! no issues whatsoever... except that the game was in japanese, and not very good


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