Londonage Part 3

Step 3. Drink Alcohol.

Right so, Arrived in London, found a place to stay, now its time to DRINK. We proceed to the nearest alcohol shop and set ourselves the challenge of drinking the funniest sounding alcohol we can find… We end up with “Cockspur”, which immediately conjures up images of some kind of old-west penis piercings. We then line up the shot glasses (all 2 of them), shove on Super smash brothers Melee, and play a variety of Drinking games:

  1. Every time we loose, take a shot.
  2. Every time we win, take a shot.
  3. Every time Richie makes us loose, take a shot.
  4. Every time Cunzy11 is the last man standing, take a shot.
  5. Every time you breathe, take a shot.
  6. Etc.

Now this was around the time we realised the old curve of peak games playing vs. drunkenness. There is definitely an optimal drunken state where it enhances your gameplay, however this state is hard to pin-point due to, well… being drunk. However I’m sure we will make a concerned effort in the future to find this point and create some kind of curve.

Step : Drink Alcohol. CHECK.

Score: Richie 3: London 0: Our Livers -20

To be continued....


  1. To be honest its very hard to pinpoint the optimum amount of acohol for better gameplay when to begin with we were pretty shit, under the influence we could hope to be mediocre-at-best, before downspiralling back to really shit.
    We were doing well against level 9 Bowsers but the fight against level 9 Fox and Falco resulted in what can only be described as "Gang butt-raped against a wall". Believe me this imagery is nasty but if you saw it on screen that is exactly how you would describe it.


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