Console in grooming scandal

Fanboy…. It seems a harmless term, no?

In most cases fanboyism starts when someone claims to prefer one system’s merits over another. Be it the aesthetic qualities, technological differences or accessibility.

People generally have to choose one particular system due to pricing, and dependant on the “flavour of the generation” people will change their arguments. In the case of the current generation you have a new breed of Nintendo fanboy who chose that system because of the “innovative” Wii-mote, these people will claim that graphics are non-essential and that gameplay is core. Or in the case of the 360, more and more 360 fanboys are cropping up as previously PS2 players bite the bullet, and buy a 360 due to the extensive catalogue and pricing which the PS3 cannot currently offer. That’s all fair and good these are good reasons to buy the consoles. But it does not stop there, certain people then feel that they then have to either justify their purchase, either with almost religious like following, or by unfoundedly slandering any competitor systems.

These are the fanyboys* and considering the previous points, I would like to point out that these people are bigots.

Bigot: noun, someone who is persistently prejudiced, and refuses to tolerate the opinions of others.

It disgusts me how people can openly say “I’m a Nintendo Fanboy”, I hear “I am bigoted against every other system and will not hear anything against my almighty saviour Nintendo”. The internet is filled with literally thousands of Mien-Kampf-esqe gamerblogs. Proudly shouting out that they are Fanboys (Bigots).

I hear the fanboys cry in outrage, “I merely support [Console], how is that different from supporting a football team.”, and it is a point. But not a very good point, look at football fans, they are amongst some of the most unabashedly devout and committed bigots. The only acceptable football fans you will see are fans of football itself: these are the commentators that show appreciation for how a goal was set up, these are the people that come away from a game with acceptance, these are the people that shake the hands of their competitors and remark, “good game”. We shall not mention a certain European championship qualification game between a certain country located on the northern part of the UK and a certain county that may or may not be shaped like a boot.

But with that analogy I digress.

With these console wars, people are being forced to choose sides, and are being forced into different camps, this is teaching kids segregation amongst their peers, and we all know how cruel kids can be to each other. But this instils the bigotry seed in their brain. And when these kids decide to check on the internet searching for PS3 and arrive at a PS3 fanboy site they will read the unfounded prejudice remarks such as, “Nintendo is teh SuXXorZ”. They are then given the opportunity expand on this because they have found a “community” of like minded wnakers.

What does this teach us? Because of the social ineptness that usually is accompanied with gamers, these people are the most easily swayed by trends, peer pressure or Cult Leaders. This allows people to be swayed into buying more hardware and place more pressure on the poor developers who are forced into programming for ridiculous systems.

Criticism should be left to people who can argue a point without resorting to, “Takes one to know one” when they get flustered from a point which can destroy their belief system in a particular system.

Choosing a system to play games may seem like a commitment because you are parting with hard-earned ca$h, and/or you have bought into media hype. But before you go restraining yourself to one platform remember that there are other people out there who may prefer the comfort of the PS3 controller, the pick-up-and-playability of the Wii or the Online community of the 360. Remember to state a preference is justified, to slander another is bigoted.

*There is of course another breed of fanboy, the ones that latch onto old consoles that have long since faded away probably because their only memory of daddy was when he came home with a Master System, before deserting them, leaving them without an assertive father figure, and the only masculine role model (aside from the slurry of men to turned up at the door and gave you 5 pounds to go out and play with your friends, whilst they had some private time with your mum) was a blue hedgehog named Sonic.


  1. The "gaming community" should never be united. Seriously, go to a game shop or gaming event. Everyone is either too intimidated to make eye contact with each other or worried to say something out loud in case their gaming knowledge isn't up to scratch. It needs to be divided into groups that way no one is right or wrong about things.

  2. Takes one to know one.

  3. Whatever. WoW boy.

  4. Anonymous23:23

    Too many paragraphs not enough boobies

    = skip to the end and say Richies is ghey


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