Omastar Comics #14

Omastar has been feeling bad lately. He can't drink without getting drunk. He would blame videogames but there aren't videogames yet. They wouldn't work in the sea anyways. He can't even listen to gangsta rap either because mammals haven't evolved past the "nose noise" stage in their evolution yet.

Yeah that's right North. We can all copy! How do you like them apples???

EDIT: Because it's not really worth a new post. I hate being a gamer it means you download lots of shit that you don't need or will ever look at again. Especially free shit like that Good writing for games guide and Breaking the Mold Bioshock PDF.
Also, btw, games people no one really cares about the art of Halo/Half Life/Bioshock. You read it once and think "Oh, OK so originally the mad doctor had three less wire tentacles coming out of his head". Then that information is instantly forgotten and never needed again. The only reason gamers buy The Art of ......... books is to try to make the games bookshelf look a little less shameful than the veritable "I'm a child in a man's body" statement that is a collection of all of the resident evil, starcraft, halo and warcraft novels. I even have a Command and Conquer novel. Fucking shit I never use but am too stupid to throw away.

I wish I didn't I really do.


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