Voice of Mario does other things.

As you may have heard the dude who does Mario’s voice is doing an autobiography. As it turns out Ol’ Charlie-boy is a huge fan of “That guy’s a Maniac” and has given us these excerpts:

*Warning Spoilers*

“One day I went into Nintendo for a voice-over job.”

“I put on a really stereotypical (bordering on racist) Italian voice.”

“I got the job”

“I did it for a few other games”

“And they all lived happily ever after”

Thatyguys rating: 7/10

Thoroughly good read, all the way through it you are amazed that such a small story could be padded out to a whole book.

The book loses its charm because in you head it is all spoken with a thick Italian accent.


  1. Anonymous12:57

    Peeps wanna know. Are there pictures?


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