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Video Game Music. The music of video games. Some of it is epic, some of it is very evocative and some of it is nausiating in the extreme. There are a lot of very active video game music "rearrangers", remixers and performers from the grand Video Games Lives concert, hit and miss OCremix, very raw soundclick to TGAM favourite Diversion (check the show every Thursday).

From the weaboist of obscure JRPG music to the new tunes of Portal a vast swathe of it is shit. It is, don't pretend otherwise. Do you remember in the 90s where every game had an American "ROCK" soundtrack? Instantly forgotten by the next loading screen.
And if video game music is mostly bad the remixes are even worse. The world does not need tinny electric guitar "rock" versions of the three notes in the chorus of the Hyrulian Field theme. There also seems to be a race to remix the dullest least memorable theme from the most obscure Japanese RPG. For god's sake just remix One Winged Angel, get it out of your system and move on fanboy.

What the world does need is more Tetris remixes. There are already a gazillion and they are all great. I have listened to most of them, happy hard core, flute versions, jumpstyle, techno, trance and combinations of all of those styles are available to the discerning listener. I have consumed them all but I am hungry for more.
Yesterday on a routine sweep of the internet for Tetris remixes I discovered the greatest version yet. This is a big claim, perhaps the biggest claim I ever made, perhaps this is my purpose, my destiny. This is why I was put here to find the greatest rearrangment of an old game. I don't know how it can be bettered though. Destiny fulfilled methinks!

So here it is, Tetris by DaCaV found over at Soundclick.

Click this to listen dacav+tetrisbydacav5.mp3

REVIEW It is great because it combines the music of Tetris with words! Some of those words are bottom and D-Cups. It also doesn't bother with trying to combine the Music A and Music B themes which others do. Don't get me wrong I like the B Music but the A music can stand on it's own two feet. C Music can fuck off. This song is also great because the lyrics talk about 'connecting like Tetris' the song then goes on about boobs and bums bouncing which this author wants from her Tetris remixes. 9.5/10


  1. Nowadays at OCR, we always strive to approve only creative, quality game music arrangements. Even the ones that aren't someone's cup of tea, we hope that person walks away believing it was well-made nonetheless!

    I wonder where you're getting those tinny rock or obscure RPG mixes of dull themes. Then again, I do enjoy it in my bubble as it were, surrounded only by good video game music! Interesting read, Cunzy!

    Larry "Liontamer" Oji
    Head Submissions Evaluator, OverClocked ReMix
    Creator, VG Frequency


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