Xbox One: The facts.

The facts are, you read them elsewhere.

Discounting the WiiU, our next next gen shall arrive this year. PS4 and Xbox One, The powerhouses of console hardware have entered the foray with media hub like set top boxes, with internetTV, social media integration, communications, and happen to also play games too.

Don't get me wrong, the stats are amazing they will be delightful machines with future-proofed methods for maintaining the prettiness of games.

However I think I am most saddened by the lack of back compatibility, I mean suddenly my 360 collection is now dedicated to the 360, and well we all know that the 360's are far from reliable. But what gets me is all those digital purchases, the arcade and digital download versions, they are simply now attached to my gamer tag, but will they be transferred over? It seems not, and the same goes for digital purchases on PSN (Heartbreaking if you just bought FFX/Kingdom Hearts). It just makes me think I would have been better paying money to a different platform, like the Steam.

Our old nemesistress Leigh Alexander quoted this new gen as "rich boy's black box for playing Call of Duty and Halo on" (sexist). And though I'm inclined to agree with her, I feel these devices will still speak to the console gamer, unfortunately the quality of releases will have to justify throwing away our digital purchases, and back catalog. On a similar vein having mostly used a 360 for current Gen, I now realise there is little to keep me tied to the xbox franchise. So i may just dabble with Sony for Next gen. SEE That's what not doing back compatibility does, wank-jobs!

Love and sad,

Richie X


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