Loading Bar: London


Tucked away in the porniest part of soho in amongst the sleazy strip clubs, exuberant gay bars and depressing peep shows, there lay our nemesis: a pop-up version of  Loading bar. Years ago we came up with the idea of the games themed pub, then some fuckers did it. We just lay here writhing in our own jealousy.

The problem with the Loading bar is that it is miles away from anywhere, in Cornwall. To analogise this via the medium of Final Fantasy VII its like having a major metropolis like Midgar and putting the gaming pub on the island with the city of ancients. Or Zelda: Ocarina of Time... Its like having a major metropolis like Hyrule Castle/Village and having the pub in the Gerudo desert.

In any case they spotted this and decided to put a pop-up version of the bar in London. In a creepily placed mango enthusiasts cafe? The interior was sad, tired and far from the hi-tech branded wonderland we had imagined.There was a counter with some cakes, an A3 sheet with some games themed drinks on it, and as you delved farther into the cavernous cafe you found a smattering of tables and board games, a 360 with Naruto running on it, and a SNES with a plethora of games. Suffice it to say, we were so underwhelmed we played dominoes. When we got round to ordering, the service was abysmal, for a couple of guys in the catering business with a tech savvy games industry theme they sure had trouble taking drinks orders, and pressing the buttons on the till.

All in all its um... and experience and sadly, sad.

MADD: Loading bar pup-up
Gameplay: 2/10 Dominoes was a classic
Replayability: 6/10 Scary dark and bad service, but maybe return to try other drinks.
Graphics: 3/10 Some odd murals.

Love and analogiseifications.

Richie X


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