True confessions - Incoherent rants - Tyops - Part 3

You know people who do this “(!)” for sarcasm? Well stoppit… I have decided that (!) should be the new vagina smiley!


Barry says: Dude, Heard you and Claire went out last Tuesday.
Leon says: Yeah been a long time coming, and since Ada is out of the picture.
Barry says: Oh yeah, who would have though that John would come back.
Leon says: How are things with you and Jill, anything happening there.
Barry says: LOL!
Barry says: Dude, she’s screwed everyone… Wesker, Carlos, Chief, that guy that hides in the crate... Nemesis
Barry says: So how far did you get with Claire?
Leon says:
Leon says: (!)
Barry says: Nice!
Leon says: :D


Jill says: :’(
Claire says: Wassup?
Jill says: Well me and Nemesis were... “you know” last night,
Jill says: Oh I can’t say, It’s to embarrassing.
Claire says: Come on you can tell me anything.
Jill says: well…
Jill says: he said I umm smelled bad…
Jill says: …down there
Claire says: OMFG!
Jill says: Yeah… I really hurt me, I had been running about one day, at one point I forgot my Acid rounds and had to go completely the other side of town to get them.
Claire says: I hear that, I did the same with some explosive bow gun bolts.
Jill says: I mean he didn’t say it in so many words…
Jill says: he said “S.T.A.R.S”
Jill says: but I could tell by the look on his face.
Claire says: What a (!)
Jill says: I know :(


Ashley says: …so did you ask Leon about the threesome?
Claire says: Yeah, something is bothering him, you know because of that time you spent in Spain.
Claire says: He’s says it could end up too complicated…
Ashley says: Pfft what a (!)
Claire says: Total (!), I mean who would pass up an opportunity to fondle our polygons?
Ashley says: Speaking of which… wanna come over?
Claire says: Totally!
Claire says: I’ll bring Super Trigasmus Prime


  1. stupid font... does not look as good as it would on MSN (!)

  2. Anonymous16:23

    I love the way all the comments are between themselves


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