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Pokémon Let's Go (Back to Kanto again)

Minor content spoilers ahead, major if you've somehow managed to avoid one of the most rereleased games of all time For veterans like us, Pokémon Let's Go is our fifth tour of Kanto starting with  Pokémon Blue and  Pokémon Red in 1999 then returning to a future version of Kanto in 2001's Silver and Gold, then a redux/remix with 2004's Fire Red and Leaf Green and the last visit to the region with 2010's SoulSilver and HeartGold. We've been there, done that. Got the T-shirt, medals, badges, magnets and pokéballs to show for it. So what does  Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let's Go Eevee add to the well worn roads and highways of the game that kicked it all off? Silver lining an all that The answer is strangely, not nearly enough. If like us, you've followed the  Pokémon games for a while, there is something satisfying in seeing the evolution (no pun intended) of ideas across the games. Pay close enough attention and the best elements f

DANGER: Women in Games

Woah, now there is a lot of female attention happening in the games industry at the moment. Like we need more… Seriously I think girls have got their quota in the games industry and are recognised enough nowadays. Girls have: 1. Personalised Systems, such as the Pink DS and a variety of Pink Peripherals. 2. A selection of shite games, Pony Friends, Barbie shopping, Cooking Mama etc… 3. Zelda?!? Apparently??!?! The Phantom hourglass is advertised as one of the DS’s “Games for Girls”, when the fuck did that happen? Why does the fairer sex get this franchise? 4. The DS in general, all titles for it seem to cater for girls in some way. 5. The Rezibator. Guys are not allowed attachments to games to get them going (apart from the guitar in guitar hero). 6. An unfair advantage in MMOs, due to all the guys being desperate. 1. [General] [Legolaas] ZOMG!!!!11 Nerf Girls they are IMBA 7. An inbuilt ability to multi-task. 8. The “years of persecution” card which they never play,

True confessions - Incoherent rants - Tyops - Part 3

You know people who do this “(!)” for sarcasm ? Well stoppit… I have decided that (!) should be the new vagina smiley! Imagine… Barry says: Dude, Heard you and Claire went out last Tuesday. Leon says: Yeah been a long time coming, and since Ada is out of the picture. Barry says: Oh yeah, who would have though that John would come back. Leon says: How are things with you and Jill, anything happening there. Barry says: LOL! Barry says: Dude, she’s screwed everyone… Wesker, Carlos, Chief, that guy that hides in the crate... Nemesis Barry says: So how far did you get with Claire? Leon says: … Leon says: (!) Barry says: Nice! Leon says: :D Or… Jill says: :’( Claire says: Wassup? Jill says: Well me and Nemesis were... “you know” last night, Jill says: Oh I can’t say, It’s to embarrassing. Claire says: Come on you can tell me anything. Jill says: well… Jill says: he said I umm smelled bad… Jill says: …down there Claire says: OMFG! Jill says: Yeah… I really hurt me, I had b

True confessions - Incoherent rants - Tyops - Part 2

As you may well know, the new transformers film is gonna have transforming iPods and transforming Xbox 360sWell… I saw this fucking excellent picture on Something Awful! Now my issue is what would this guy be called? Clitatron Vaginator Ultra Manless Orgasmatron (I believe this is the name of those weird-spidery-head-massaging-things, so maybe not) Stimulon Vibrator Dildonic Prime Or Hot rod? Apparently He will be able to be combine with Clit-suckerator, Butt-plug-a-tron, Lubinator and Maxiumus 240volt-plug-power-itor To create... Super Trigasmus Prime

True confessions - Incoherent rants - Tyops - Part 1

Right so pokemon Diamond and Pearl are due out in the US in a matter of Days… and us unfortunate uk-ians wont get the game till TBC in 2007. Gameplay have it pegged at June 1st, though I doubt any of us expect it then. So my question is a UK DS will play US games, is it worth importing to fulfil my pokemon desires faster? Will there be online problems if I do that?

Explorer Reporting

Webcomics. There are a gazillion out there, done by horrible Indie types who probably live in San Francisco, they probably have cats and they probably are responsible for the AIDS . They are mostly about love, excuses to draw boobies or to show off to the world how much stuff the "artist" knows. Amongst the plethora of webcomics there are a tiny fraction about our favourite subject- Videogames. 98% of them however, are either sprite comics comme ca or ones titled " Two Noobs and a Gaymer " or "Just Another Gaming Comic". I've scoured all of these and they are without doubt awful and as the World's Second Best Videogame Blog it's time to play key service to those truly outstanding ones, or the ones that everyone thinks are outstanding. Then we will crown our Queen, the World's Best Videogame Webcomic. NB although our Queen sounds better because we are Second Best and she is the best, this isn't actually the case because webcomics a