Mission-Get-The-Anime-Post-Off-The-Front-Page Part 2

So after something that happened on not the world's second greatest videogames blog, this not the world's second greatest videogames blog was set up. It's called guilded lilies and it's for women gamers and men gamers who might want to talk to women gamers and it's all about women and games. There is a forum and everything but it has to be stopped.

This list explains why:

1) Their logo looks like one of these (!). That's a full stop not some kind of mole
2) The last bunch of people who got together to start a forum for women gamers ended up doing this:

They blew up the frickin deathstar by employing their man robots. Stop the rebels! Save the Empire, queue the music
Buh, buh, buh, ber, be der de de der. Der der der der de-der de de-deh. DEH, duh, DEH, duh der-rud-der-dud der der der de-rud-der-dud der der dum der der...........


  1. Anonymous16:40

    I find this offensive

  2. I do to. And immature and a bit homophobic in the alt text for the picture.
    *sigh* when will these idiots grow up and move out of their mom's basements?

  3. Huh? An imposter!

  4. Two of these comments aren't by me(!)

  5. Anonymous00:51

    Its the last one and the second, do I get a prize, like fossilized dino turd.

    HO HO HO!

    I got a machine gun!

    Eat my cheese head cheese yo yo yo!


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