They're everywhere! Spoilers in my feed reader. Spoilers as my recommended reading. Spoilers everywhere. Soon you won't be able to open a web page without video game morons, fancying themselves as games journalists, alleviating you or the need to play a game because you've measured, weighed and decided a game is a 7/10 without pressing a button.

This was as imaginative as I could getThe Official Nintendo Magazine are doing their level best to spoil the shit out of Pokemon Black and White, despite the fact that all of that and more is already up on Serebii albeit it not stretched out into over 100 'articles'.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 has pretty much been spoiled too. If you haven't seen it, I won't spoil it for you now but if you have seen it, just take a second to the think how cool it would have been to have come across that in game without knowing it was coming. It would have been awesome times. There's probably a fucking FAQ up already on how to spoil the spoil out of that spoilers spoiled spoils.

Okay, sure so I think I speak for everyone in the Great Gaming Community that we no longer have the days where it was virtually impossible to know what was coming out, when, what was good and what was bad. The best way of actually buying a video game was to go along to a horrible little computer hardware shop, where, if you were lucky you'd have a selection of 4 maybe 5 games for many more pounds than we currently part with for games. Otherwise you'd just get copied games given to you by friends of friends. Some were New Zealand Story or Team Yankee, some were Fun School 3 or Mr Wobbly Leg vs the space invaders. I'm glad that's gone but I think it's gone too far now. You can get people excited without spoiling every single aspect of the game. It's a skill.

In other news, I've criminally not listened to the latest episode of the excellent A LIfe Well Wasted. The first five minutes or so of reader submitted ideas perfectly highlights how unbelievably unimaginative the GGG are. Sure the comments have been edited together but there's not a single new idea in there. Most of them are tired tired tropes. Someone actually suggests a fire, ice and sky level. Are you fucking kidding me? A bit of me literally dies when I see worn thin ideas again and again in the stead of something different but it seems some of the shit eaters relish yet another ice level, or level set in a warehouse, or a piss poor morality system. Thanks guys. You're killing gaming. ALWW is still worth listening to, though.


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