Check out this crazy shit

This is craziness from Little King's Story. Not just "whacky, I'm so random, everyone calls me mad" crazy but properly walking down the street talking to yourself and shouting at passers-by crazy.Just watch the first one minute and twenty of this here vid, which is relatively spoiler free although this is one of the bosses you fight. Be bewarn.ed.

I mean it just doesn't make one bit of sense does it? Can somebody better educated than us give us some idae what's going on, or this, SHOCK. HORROR. Original stuff? TV tropes has got nothing. Remember when TV tropes used to be fun? They've ruined it now. Is a fat girl really a trope? Back to the game it's just brilliant. I'm finding that Little King's Story is a game that just keeps on giving. Just as I was expanding my city, expecting the game to start wrapping up and the ending to be on the horizon it seems that the game is only realy just beginning. I'll be honest I really wasn't expecting the headless cows. Or the UFO.


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