Here Comes a New Challenger? Poison?

A few pics have been leaked from Mike Haggar's Final Fight Stage.

And low and behold it looks like Poison! For those of you who don't know poison was a character in Final Fight. Originally one of the enemies, some people thought that beating up women might cause offence. So in a stroke of genius from management, it was stated that she wasn't actually a girl, but a transsexual, cuz ,you know it's OK to hit a transsexual over a girl, (presumably because they are lying to us or something?) -.-

Anyways, Poison... gained much of a cult following, and to this day remains an alluring mystery...
Would she still get it?
Final Fight Revenge: limited edition Box art
More importantly Will she make it as a DLC character?

In previous iterations of games she has has a repertoire of kicks, And a rather interesting move where she blows a kiss and when/if it connects the opponent is subjected to images of Poison in rather provocative poses leaving the opponent stunned:

And a nice polygony victory Pole dance:

Fingers crossed (and legs crossed with members tucked behind) that she makes a larger appearance in Marvel vs Capcom 3

Confused love and hugs,

Richie X


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